57 Percent Of Baby Boomers Plan To Sell Homes

I’m amazed at the size of the baby boomer generation. It is one of the largest economic and retiring groups in the country. There are about ten thousand baby boomers retiring everyday in the U.S. according to Social Security. I was reading an article recently about empty nest people in the baby boomer age group. I was shocked to read that 57 percent of baby boomers interviewed planned on selling their home in the near future. Some are selling to be close to recreation, family or jobs. Others are looking to downsize or find a home with more upscale amenities. The amenities will either be in a luxury home or with lifestyle amenities.

Regardless of how you view this, baby boomers will be doing lots of selling in the near future. If you’re considering selling your home in the near future, take advantage of our on-site home evaluation service. We’ll let you know how much your home is worth and what steps you should consider before putting your home on the market.