6 Super Cozy Outdoor Fire Pits to Keep You Warm All Season Long


If you’re not ready to let go of outdoor entertaining or lounging outside on your deck, add a fire pit to your backyard to enjoy outdoor living year-round. From warm, cozy fire pits perfect for roasting marshmallows to full outdoor living areas with pizza ovens and entertainment centers, there are many ways to enjoy your outdoor space even during the cooler months.

No matter the season, a cozy fire pit in the backyard is a luxurious retreat. Hold on to the warmth of those summer nights by adding a fire pit to your outdoor living area. Whether you have a tiny terrace in the heart of the city or a sprawling landscape on a countryside farm, there are many options when it comes to choosing the right fire pit for your space. When designing an outdoor area with a fire pit, keep in mind space, color and textures. Choose a safe location away from high-traffic areas, trees and other debris. Create a pathway for easy accessibility and space your seating far enough apart for ample walking room.

Take a look at the following outdoor fire pit ideas to bring warmth to your outdoor living space.

1. Stacked stone fire pit

Lush landscaping combined with comfortable furniture sets the tone for this outdoor oasis. A stacked stone fire pit in the center offers plenty of space for seating and walkways, making this outdoor area ideal for entertaining guests.


Image Credit: Alderwood Landscaping

2. Fire pit table

Bring the warmth directly to the dinner table by incorporating a fire pit table into your outdoor living design. A patio or backyard fire pit table will rival your own dining room with a glowing centerpiece that will bring every backyard party to life.


Image Credit: Gelotte Hommas

3. Built-in fire pit

Elegant and formal, this long and lean built-in fire pit brings a relaxing resort-style setting to your backyard. Use a fire pit as an accent in your contemporary patio design for a stunning seating area that accentuates the architecture of your home.


Image Credit: Jennifer Post Design