Smart Thermostats Can Learn Your Comfort And Routine

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Smart thermostats are an emerging market that is changing the way comfort is managed at home. It kind of reminds me of older television sets when remotes came out. The idea of sitting and not need to get up to change the channel seemed like a great idea. Of course if there were kids in the house, they were more likely to be the human remotes needed to change the channel.

Remotes became a standard with television sets as time went on. We now receive a remote with every television sold, regardless of the price point. Times tend to change with technology that way. Now we’re starting to see the same thing happen with other devices and appliances in the home. Remember the clapper? You could clap and have the lights turn on or off. That was kind of a primitive approach to home automation. We even have the option on some cars to have them turn on and warm up before we even get inside.

There are many options when it comes to smart thermostats. All of them meet a minimum number of standards and features. More importantly, you can control them from your tablet or phone. Best Buy now has a home automation section with a variety of devices ranging from bulbs to alarm clocks. There are even smart locks for your front door.

The smart thermostat is great and could even save energy over time. How many times have we hesitated to get up to adjust the air conditioner or heater because we didn’t feel like getting up? We don’t have to now. We can grab out table or smartphone and open an app. Take a look at these new devices next time you’re in Best Buy. You might even find a device or two at Home Depot or Lowes.


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