Spring is in the air and here is a great idea to enjoy at home

Spring is officially here. Spring brings everything to life around us. We see color blooming everywhere we go. There are a variety of flowers in full bloom and gardens start taking shape. How enjoyable is it to grow some fresh vegetables and herbs in your own garden and share them with friends and family.

We also get to enjoy spring season baseball as well. All spring training is well underway in the sunny states and we’re looking forward to opening day, allowing us to enjoy another season. Regardless of who your favorite team might be, it’s still lots of fun to round up your favorite fans and head out to enjoy a ball game. It’s especially fun to enjoy the seventh inning stretch. The popcorn, peanuts and hot dogs are other great benefits of enjoying a great ball game. We’re close to the Angels stadium so that’s who we’ll enjoy.

Enjoy the video from Martha Stewart on this great spring time idea that can be tied in to your Easter season. Most importantly, consider getting active with a walk, run or bike ride. It’s good for the heart and your body will really appreciate it, not to mention the great spring time views and scents.